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                  Foamed Foundry Plaster


AIRLITE is a foamed foundry plaster for casting aluminium using a reclaimable pattern pattern in wood or silicone rubber and has been used for many years by leading European foundries. It is currently in process in the automotive, tyre and shoe industries.


  • AIRLITE contains only the purist closely graded raw materials to give utmost consistency in addition to high green and fired strengths. The plaster can be adjusted to suit individual customer requirements
  • AIRLITE is extremely and consistently permeable giving excellent fill characteristics
  • Complete quality control tests on setting times, flow and dimensional accuracy ensure trouble free castings from batch to batch. A full Certificate of Conformity is available for every delivery
  • AIRLITE gives an excellent surface finish with NO mould breakdown of surface defects reducing fettling costs after casting.
  • Ideal for thin walled intricate pieces impossible to produce by other methods.
  • AIRLITE cools slowly after casting promoting a uniformity of structure and mechanical properties in the cast pieces.


Typical Properties - AIRLITE
Powder/Water Ratio
Volume Change
50 - 75 % as required
Cast Density (wet)
0.825 gms/cc
Cast Density (Dry)
0.475 gms/cc
Work Time - Natural Flow
6 min 00 sec
Work Time - Immobile
10 min 00 sec
Setting Expansion
0.15 %
Thermal Expansion @ 205 C
0.15 %