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                  ——Block Mould Investment Powder


EUROVEST INDUSTRIAL "A" has been designed specifically for the block mould process for casting all non-ferrous metals. Used for many years by leading foundries in UK on prestigious aerospace and defence work INDUSTRIAL "A" will accurately produce flawless castings time after time.


  • INDUSTRIAL "A" uses only closely graded high purity raw materials to give utmost consistency in addition to high green and fired strengths.
  • Quality controls on setting time, flow and thermal expansion ensures trouble free casting from batch to batch.
  • INDUSTRIAL "A" mixes easily to give a creamy consistency and breaks away easily from the cast pieces.
  • Excellent surface finish with NO mould breakdown or surface defects reducing dressing time/costs after casting.
  • INDUSTRIAL "A" can be adjusted to suit individual customer requirements. Idea for thin walled intricate castings impossible to produce by the shell process.
  • Industrial "A" cools slowly after casting promoting a uniformity of structure and mechanically properties in the cast pieces.

Typical Properties- INDUSTRIAL "A"
Powder/Water Ratio
Work time @ 22°C
6 minutes
Setting Time
8 minutes
Setting Strength (90 minutes)
0.68 N/mm2
Thermal Expansion @ 750°C
Setting Expansion @ 2 hrs
Volume Yield per kg powder