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In addition to its own range of powders SRS offers a contract blending service for dry powders and aggregates. The company has extensive experience in the blending of materials from 10 microns to 10 mm and currently works with many leading UK blue chip companies. SRS has blended materials used on some of Europe's largest construction projects.


Large revolving drum blenders are capable of handling batches up to 4500kg. SRS is experienced in blending large aggregates with ultra fine or sense materials with super lightweight such as Perlite. Mixers give rapid and intimate blending of all powders and aggregates - complete blending in around 2 minutes and are particularly effective at incorporating trace additives (0.0005%) into bulk mixes. Degradable aggregates can be mixed without changing loose bulk density of finished product and special equipment has been added to processing equipment for incorporating glass and ceramic fibres. Finished product can be packaged into valve or open mouth sacks, drums, buckets or bulk bags from 25kg up to 1500kgs.


The company operates a quality control procedure in line with international standards, which can be tailored to individual customer requirements.

Technical and Operational staff have a good working knowledge of most minerals and chemicals. Confidentiality and secrecy of proprietary knowledge is guaranteed. SRS is happy to enter into legally binding secrecy agreements. Raw materials can be delivered in 25kg bags up to 1500 kg bulk bags. Some silo facilities are available for bulk deliveries.

Incoming raw materials checks can be undertaken.


  • Rapid and intimate blending of all powders and aggregates
  • Total consistency from batch to batch
  • No contamination from previously blended products
  • Complete quality control procedures undertaken on site
  • Raw materials accepted in a variety of packaged forms
  • Finished product packed from 5 kg up to 1500 kg bags
  • Based in Derbyshire close to raw material sources and with good access nationwide




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